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CEREC Module 2




7 Hours

About the Training

Tackling more complex clinical cases we introduce the ultimate design techniques whilst considering the core applications undertaken on a day to day basis in a busy surgery. Taking skill sets to the next level this course is perfect for users with six or more months experience using CEREC.

Your Instructor

Lino Adolf

Lino Adolf

Aims & Objectives

  • Learn how to get perfect proposals to streamline your workflow by mastering; Parameters, scanning, model axis, preparation design and virtual articulation.

  • Discussion of materials, shape and shade and how these can create the illusion of layering in Monolithics

  • Utilising Biogeneric Individual, Biojaw, Biogeneric Copy and Biogeneric reference to give beautiful anterior restorations

  • Understand the Nuances of  Multiple Restorations

  • Understand when and how to utilise your digital technician using the  Connect Case Centre

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