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CEREC Module 4




14 Hours

About the Training

The ultimate in full restorative advanced digital dentistry. Using actual cases see how the true potential of your system is unleashed. Tackling complex cases we demonstrate just how straightforward the workflow is and how to integrate 3D imaging and digital dentistry in your daily practice - Guided surgery, immediate teeth and more.

Your Instructor

Alif Moosajee

Alif Moosajee

Aims & Objectives

  • The understanding of the digital workflow and digital procedures in implant dentistry, showing how to carry out a completely digital dental implant treatment, from the initial planning to the final restoration.

  • The learning of new treatments protocols to optimize and to take the maximum benefit of the Cerec system.

  • The updating in materials and techniques related to cad/cam and implant dentistry

The participants will be able to:

  • Digital planning for a single implant placement

  • Design a surgical guide (CEREC Guide 3) with the CEREC SW 4.x

  • Design an implant restoration (Abutment or crown)

  • Design a customized healing abutment using the DAP Technique

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